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About Us

At Pirate Lab, we have a singular focus: Make the best carrying cases for gamers. To do that, we brought together players, industrial designers, and manufacturing geeks. That wasn't enough, though; to truly make the best cases possible, we needed to control every single aspect of the entire process, from the first sketches all the way to the final product. So we started our own manufacturing plant in China. Now, we're proud to build the best and best-intentioned cases in the world.

Design and Manufacturing Philosophy

We design and manufacture these cases ourselves. Every step of the way, we make sure each case is as perfect as possible. Take our stitching, for instance. We don't just sew these cases willy-nilly—we use specialized machines that make perfect stitches at critical reinforcement points. Why? Because we want you to enjoy your case not only the first time you open it but five years down the road too, when you're opening for it the nth time. 

Our Factory and Quality Control

Starting a factory is much more complicated than just selecting a manufacturer to build your design, but we knew ​that we had to do it to accomplish our goals. Most importantly, owning a factory gives us the freedom to create. And it gives us the freedom to create with confidence. With that confidence, we can push visual and design boundaries.

Our factory also lets us push the limits of quality control, making sure every bobbin of thread, every roll of fabric, and every stitch in every product we make meets our strict standards. By the time you receive your Pirate Lab case, it’s undergone more than 40 quality-control steps, from the first fabric inspections on arrival to the final zipper-pull inspections on departure.​

​The Future

We're only just getting started. Our current offerings represent just a fraction of the ideas in our pipeline of crazy concepts that you can expect to continue emerging from our factory on a regular basis as the months and years go by. We're moving at a breakneck pace, picking up speed as we go, but there's still plenty of room on this bus, so hop aboard and join the party! Who knows where we're headed next?

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