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The Pirate Lab Large Card Game Case stores and organizes your collectible cards and accessories for easy transportation.

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The Pirate Lab Large Card Game Case stores and organizes your collectible cards and accessories for easy transportation. The Large Card Game Case is our mid-sized option. This bag is perfect to use as an MTG carrying case to get your decks to and from tournaments, game nights, and conventions.

The Pirate Lab Large Card Game Case comes with a 3-Row Armor Tray. This card tray is the best in its class: made from precision CNC-milled flexible EVA foam and topped with a layer of dense closed-cell XPE foam, our tray is designed to fit sleeved Magic: The Gathering*, Pokemon*, and Yu-Gi-Oh!* cards with or without deck boxes. The tray fits boxes with widths of 3″ (77 mm) or less, including standard Ultra Pro and Legion deck boxes.* Our Small case fits one 2-row tray, our Large tray fits one 3-row tray, and out Extra Large case fits two 3-row trays.

Large Card Game Case Features:

  • Fits one 3-Row Armor Tray 
  • Holds twelve 120-card deck boxes or eighteen 80-card deck boxes
  • Can accommodate approximately 1,950 single-sleeved cards or 1,650 double-sleeved cards
  • Rear compartment for standard 9-pocket card binder, rolled playmat, and pens or pencils
  • Water-resistant fabric, self-healing zippers, and heavy-duty Pirate Lab zipper pulls for maximum security
  • Padded shoulder strap and handle

MSRP: $74.99

*Magic: The Gathering is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast. Pokemon is a trademark of Nintendo of America. Yu-Gi-Oh! is a trademark of Konami. ULTRA PRO is a trademark of Ultra Pro International LLC. LEGION is a trademark of Legion Supply. Pirate Lab is not affiliated or associated with Magic: The Gathering, Nintendo of America, Konami, Ultra Pro International LLC, Legion Supply, or their respective products in any way.

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Weight5.24 lbs
Dimensions19 × 14.5 × 6.5 in
Case Colors

Black, Charcoal, Coyote, Logo, Olive, Navy

131 reviews for Large Card Game Case

  1. Eleanor B.

    I can fit my whole collection (not including decks) of mtg cards in this hude box. Very good design, and room for about 2-3 binders, or 1 binder and a small laptop. So sturdy you can sit on it, and very convenient design! Thank you, Pirate Labs!

  2. Steve J.

    Well-made and holds a lot!

  3. Thomas Y.


  4. Travis W.

    This case/organizer is perfect for someone looking to protect and organize there decks and have everything together in one spot so you don’t have to go fishing around. Grab the bag and go! I love mine and recommend them to everyone!

  5. Kurt K.

    This the most awesome case ever.

  6. David M.

    Way better then what I had. High quality!! Price is high, but it is worth getting to hold your valuable cards

  7. Stephen L.

    As my title indicates I’ve been looking for a halfway decent case to store my Magic cards for year. After seeing a few reviews on Youtube I decided this case would be my best bet. It looked like it had solid construction and was something that wasn’t going to break or fall apart anytime soon but I couldn’t decide for sure until I had my hands on one.

    Let me just start off by saying that I have had this case for a little over 2 weeks at this point. The worst thing I have to say about this case is that there were a few stray threads that easily cleaned up in about 10 seconds…and that’s it. Every other aspect of this case exceeded my expectations. There is a group, about 70 people, I work with and play Magic with at lunch nearly daily. I’ve recommended the build quality and the style of case to nearly all of them. Most of them just use a back pack stuffed with loose deck boxes and binders which makes finding the right deck tough. With this bag you know exactly where everything is and you can always be sure your not leaving a several hundred dollar deck behind accidentally.

    I am seriously debating treating myself to the smaller version for my birthday in June.

    TL;DR: If you have ever thought about getting a case for your card collection…hit buy now and get this one.

  8. Sophie Z.

    I bought this as a gift. It shipped quickly and arrived in excellent condition. My spouse loved it. Would buy from this company again and also would buy this specific product again.

  9. Demianiw

    i originally had there small case and i loved it so much that when i needed an upgrade to the larger case i was a no brainer to my my new case from pirate labs. cant recommend there caress enough.

  10. William B.

    This bag is perfect for protecting and carrying a bunch of decks of playing cards. I love the flexible design. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it at my local game store. Very high quality. Definitely recommended.

  11. Michael r.


  12. Adrian M.

    Holds everything and can be organized thousands of ways. Everyone was jealous when I showed up to the game shop with it!

  13. Brian B.

    It’s great! Just what I was looking for.

  14. Jimmie M.

    It is more then what I expected and all I wanted. Well constructed and plenty of space for what I need. Thank you for such a great product

  15. Vlad

    I bought this with 2 5 box bundles. I love my case, my friends love my case, even my family prefers it to my old option. Great product. On a side note: one of my red plastic boxes did not have a plastic separator. Weird right?

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