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The Pirate Lab Small Card Game Case stores and organizes your collectible cards for easy transportation.

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The Pirate Lab Small Card Game Case stores and organizes your collectible cards and accessories for easy transportation. This bag is perfect to use as an MTG carrying case to get your decks to and from tournaments, game nights, and conventions. We offer three sizes: Small, Large, and XL. 

The Pirate Lab Small Card Game Case comes with a 2-Row Armor Tray. The 2-Row Armor tray is the best in its class: made from precision CNC-milled flexible EVA foam and topped with a layer of dense closed-cell XPE foam, our tray is designed to fit sleeved Magic: The Gathering*, Pokemon*, and Yu-Gi-Oh!* cards with or without deck boxes. The tray fits boxes with widths of 3″ (77 mm) or less, including standard Ultra Pro and Legion deck boxes.* Our Small case fits one 2-Row Armor Tray, our Large tray fits one 3-Row Armor Tray, and out Extra Large case fits two 3-Row Armor Trays.

Small Card Game Case Features:

  • Fits 2-Row tray
  • Holds six 120-card deck boxes or eight 80-card deck boxes 
  • Can accommodate approximately 900 single-sleeved cards or 700 double-sleeved cards
  • Interior flat storage pocket with pen organizer
  • Rear compartment for mini 4-pocket card binder and folded playmat
  • Water-resistant fabric, self-healing zippers, and heavy-duty Pirate Lab zipper pulls
  • Padded shoulder strap and handle

MSRP: $54.99

*Magic: The Gathering is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast. Pokemon is a trademark of Nintendo of America. Yu-Gi-Oh! is a trademark of Konami. ULTRA PRO is a trademark of Ultra Pro International LLC. LEGION is a trademark of Legion Supply. Pirate Lab is not affiliated or associated with Magic: The Gathering, Nintendo of America, Konami, Ultra Pro International LLC, Legion Supply, or their respective products in any way.

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Weight3.43 lbs
Dimensions14 × 10.5 × 6 in
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Black, Charcoal, Coyote, Logo, Olive, Navy

47 reviews for Small Card Game Case

  1. Steve M.

    I have to tell you I was a little put off by the price. There are other bags out there at half the price. Sadly I have even bought a few. But after reading several reviews I figured I would give them a shot and purchase the smaller of the bags. Wow, I’m impressed. Yes it’s totally worth the extra price, it really is. If you really want something that is well made, double stitched, reinforced with nice size zippers and rugged material, this is it. But the kicker is the foam insert trays. I have had an Ultra Pro bag for a while the cheap foam core on it is falling apart because of the type of material it is. This stuff, it looks like it’s machine milled out of a solid block of foam core. It’s high density foam too, and will handle a drop of several feet or more with no damage to the cards inside. There is plenty of room in the box for both 60 and 100 card desks. There are two slots for your desks. You can fit up to four standard size Ultra Pro boxes in each slot, but it’s tight, another ¼ of an inch would have helped here. You can also fit an double deck EDH box lengthwise in one of these slots with enough room left over for one standard Ultra Pro box. But again it’s a tight fit and I would have liked to see the slots milled out by an extra 1/8th all around. Picky, yes I know. The box has a third slot on the left hand side that is about 2/3 rds the width of the other two and would nicely fit two 60 card duel decks side by side with maybe enough room left over to put some dice or counters but not much more. All in all the interior size is good for a very casual player who has a few decks they want to travel with, but I would have liked to see them widen the by another and replaced the smaller slot with a full size one. They do sell a larger version but I think for the casual player this is more than enough. I would and will purchase more of these cases.

  2. Cubin

    Here are some pics that I took of the case with the cube in it:

    The size of the box is compact, attractive, and really manageable. The outer portion is very solid and has a respectable quality. Really happy with that aspect of the case.

    The foam inside is of decent quality, and it can fit my cube sans lands. I kind of think there could be less foam on the inside for more space. I think the foam would be great for storing decks. However, sleeved cards feel ungainly when put in the foam. They don’t slide in they kinda dig into the foam and it’s not ideal. I think it would be better if the inner portion of the foam was lined with some sort of plastic or something of the like. In addition my Dragonshield EDH deck boxes do not fit. I think the left side is used for accessories like dice, maybe a pad and pen – although I think it could possibly be put to better use for more cards if they reshaped the definitions of the foam.

    Overall, I still think this is a great product – if you’re using it to hold smaller boxes and can get past how awkward it is to place standalone sleeved cards in ther

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