3-Row Armor Tray for Large Case (w/ 8 dividers)

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The Pirate Lab 3-Row Foam Card tray is the best in its class, featuring scratch-resistant and eco-friendly PU foam formed using a reaction molding process.

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The Pirate Lab 3-Row Armor Tray for Large Case (w/ 8 dividers) is the best in its class. Our Armor Tray is a rugged choice for gamers who need maximum flexibility, card capacity, and durability. This tray features scratch-resistant and eco-friendly PU foam formed using a reaction molding process.

This tray offers three full-length slots measuring 14″ L x 2.875″ W x 3.75″ H to hold twelve (12) 120-card boxes or eighteen (18) 80-card boxes with dividers, and it is suitable to carry extra unboxed, sleeved cards safely as well. 

Our tray is designed to fit sleeved Magic: The Gathering*, Pokemon*, and Yu-Gi-Oh!* cards with or without deck boxes. The tray fits boxes with widths of 3″ (77 mm) or less, including standard Ultra Pro and Legion deck boxes.* Removable foam dividers make the tray supremely configurable and keep your cards safe in any configuration you like.

This tray can accommodate approximately 1,950 single-sleeved cards or 1,650 double-sleeved cards.

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3-Row Armor Tray for Large Case (w/ 8 dividers) Features

  • Holds twelve 120-card boxes or eighteen 80-card boxes
  • Can accommodate 1,950 single-sleeved cards or 1,650 double-sleeved cards
  • Made of scratch-resistant and eco-friendly PU foam

MSRP: $24.99 (Card Game Case not included)

*Magic: The Gathering is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast. Pokemon is a trademark of Nintendo of America. Yu-Gi-Oh! is a trademark of Konami. ULTRA PRO is a trademark of Ultra Pro International LLC. LEGION is a trademark of Legion Supply. Pirate Lab is not affiliated or associated with Magic: The Gathering, Nintendo of America, Konami, Ultra Pro International LLC, Legion Supply, or their respective products in any way.

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Weight1.9 lbs
Dimensions15 × 12 × 4.5 in

12 reviews for 3-Row Armor Tray for Large Case (w/ 8 dividers)

  1. Nicholas W.

    Good product

  2. Matthew D.

    Bought a large card case with the blue foam secondhand. That foam had started to fray, but this black foam seems much sturdier. High quality for the price.

  3. Quinton P.

    Durable and tight fitting

  4. Vladislav J.

    was on the fence on getting these since I already own the blue original versions, but since my wife bought me the super large bag, the black would look much nicer. When I received it, it was more then anything I expected. Worth it 100%

  5. Timothy M.

    A serious upgrade from the previous blue 3-row trays!

  6. Nicholas M.

    I got a Pirate Lab bag at work, went ahead and grabbed a new insert. Love how it’s foam, but feels close to plastic. Great durability and I’m happy with how it holds all my Exceed and Marvel Champions cards ❤

  7. Caleb R

    I’m so happy with this new tray! It’s much firmer material than the blue foam, but it’s not as hard as plastic. It also seems like there’s more room in this tray to fit more cards than the blue foam. The biggest issue I had with the blue foam insert was that cards would catch when taking them out or putting them back in. As the blue foam aged small pieces began to flake off and were finding there way into my card sleeves. The only small con is that the tray is a bit heavier than the blue foam as it is a more dense material. Quick shipping! I’m a very happy lifelong Pirate Lab customer

  8. Michael E.

    This new black foam tray is so much nicer than the original blue. It’s like a whole new case, highly recommend!

  9. John V.

    andExcellent quality and durability, and a much nicer color than the blue. My one complaint is that it’s about 2cm shorter in length than the old blue style, and I have to use spacers to make it fit in the case properly.

  10. Jayce C.

    Not much to say. I won’t buy anything else.

  11. Robert D.

    Super happy with the purchase – huge improvement over the original blue foam trays when it comes to storing individual loose cards and sleeved cards with no deckboxes.

  12. Rian V.

    This new plastic is much better for sleeved cards than the soft, blue kind. No more cutting into the foam. Worth every penny.

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