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Pirate Lab’s Card Game Backpack helps you carry up to 25 deck boxes. Take your collection anywhere and everywhere with this MTG backpack.

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The Pirate Lab Card Game Backpack stores and organizes your collectible cards and accessories with style and ease.

Looking for a way to transport your decks to and from Friday Night Magic? Our Card Game Backpack is the perfect solution. Its generous interior holds up to eighteen 120-card deck boxes or twenty-five 90-card deck boxes. This backpack features two removable velcro dividers that run the length of the backpack and four smaller horizontal dividers to make your bag infinitely customizable – this MTG backpack can handle any size or shape of deck box. It doesn’t just carry deck boxes – secure your rolled playmat with the inner compartment velcro strap, and bring a 9-pocket card binder or laptop in the padded rear compartment. Plus, fit all your accessories like notepads, dice, and figurines in the two exterior zippered compartments for easy access. Padded straps evenly distribute weight for comfortably transporting heavy deck boxes to and from game nights and tournaments. 

Whether you’re taking your card collection across the country to a convention or down the street to your friendly local game store, our Card Game Backpack will protect your collection. 

Additional horizontal dividers are available here

Card Game Backpack Features:

  • Protects and transports deck boxes for Magic: The Gathering*, Pokemon*, and Yu-Gi-Oh!* collectible cards.
  • Holds up to eighteen (18) 120 card deck boxes, or twenty-five (25) 90 card deck boxes
  • Two removable velcro dividers that run the length of the backpack and four smaller horizontal dividers to secure deck boxes,
  • Adjustable dividers allow the bag to accommodate any size deck box
  • Velcro strap within the inner compartment secures a rolled playmat 
  • Interior flat storage pocket
  • Padded rear compartment to store a standard 9-pocket card binder or laptop computer.
  • Two zippered compartments on the front of the bag
  • Two elastic water bottle pockets on the sides.
  • Water-resistant 1000D fabric, self-healing waterproof zippers, and heavy-duty Pirate Lab zipper pulls

MSRP: $119.99

*Magic: The Gathering is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast. Pokemon is a trademark of Nintendo of America. Yu-Gi-Oh! is a trademark of Konami. ULTRA PRO is a trademark of Ultra Pro International LLC. LEGION is a trademark of Legion Supply. Pirate Lab is not affiliated or associated with Magic: The Gathering, Nintendo of America, Konami, Ultra Pro International LLC, Legion Supply, or their respective products in any way.

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Weight3 lbs
Dimensions21 × 14 × 7 in

75 reviews for Card Game Backpack

  1. Mark B.

    I’ve had the small card case for a while. Couldn’t wait to get the back pack after seeing it at Gen/Con. It fits everything I need and keeps it well organized.


    Great Products!

  3. Leonard L.


  4. Sarah M.

    I bought this for the purpose of flying and feeling okay with having all my expensive decks on a plane. Which it works super well for that. But the material around the zipper at the very bottom on both side came off my second or third day of having the backpack. It’s just a cosmetic thing, it doesn’t do anything to the functionality so it still works 100%.

  5. Jason W.

    Super high quality on every part, fits all my decks with room to spare. The only reason I give 4 stars and not 5 is because I think a pre-formed inside would be better than the velcro inserts but regardless it’s a fantastic product

  6. Taylor D.

    The backpack is amazing. I took it to pre release, and it was a godsend! (And I went 3-1, so I think it may be lucky!) It’s very high quality, although adjusting the various rows and dividers can be a bit of a process.

    I did have to take off a star because there was an error in the shipping system which meant my order shipped out late (and I had to reach out to figure out what happened). Customer service was quite courteous, but it was still a bit inconvenient.

    The backpack itself is a great product, and I think it was a solid buy. Still hoping the messenger back comes back in stock some day!

  7. Geordon H.

    The best card backpack on the market. Its only small issue is that because it’s curved at the top, you can’t really fit a rectangular deck box at the top left and right quadrants properly, so the space is wasted unless you have a dice bag or something like that which fits in the irregular shaped compartment(s).

  8. Quinn M.

    Thanks for the backpack, truly a original concept for a card carrying backpack.

  9. Samuel C.

    Very good backpack, but the depth needs about 1/4″ in the main pocket to comfortably hold one of the Dex Protection large deck boxes. It can fit, but the zipper has trouble closing as it bulges out a bit. I also wish I could take out the velcro lining on the inside if I want to use the bag for normal use without it interfering with what I put on the inside.
    Front pocket is a little tight, just enough to fit phone, wallet, notepad, etc.
    Very good, not quite perfect. 4/5

  10. Hailee S.

    The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars is because it took 11 days to get to me, and I’m impatient! Other than that, the product is amazing and my husband LOVES it!

  11. Corry F.

    Switching to using this backpack over my regular one I had before has been mostly great. This bag is definitely more bulky though, which makes sense because of the added dividers. The compartments are all much. Enter suited for Magic cards and their accessories than my old backpack though.

  12. John C.

    Really nice backpack. Lots of pockets and pouches to fit all of my gaming accessories. The dividers are a little tall for the inside of the bag, which makes it look a little awkward when it’s open though. That’s the only reason for the four stars

  13. Karen W.

    The backpack is pretty great. My biggest qualm is that, when the main compartment is filled, it doesn’t sit upright without falling over.

  14. Ed K.

    Great bag

  15. Brian D.

    I love the bag and the options it offers. The ability to scale up or down the amount of decks while still having space or other items like play mats, water bottles and a binder is nice. I am able to transport 20 EDH deck sized deck boxes with room for some smaller deck boxes as well once you remove all the dividers. I do wish the binder compartment was a little bigger to accommodate larger binders but it’s workable.

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