Defender Series Mazarin Deck Box

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Pirate Lab’s Mazarin Deck Box is made of the same material used for rock-climbing helmets. Fits 130 single-sleeved cards or 110 double-sleeved cards.

  • Emerald
  • Morning Mist
  • Multi-Color
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
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Our Mazarin Deck Box has a unique gem cut, making for a deck box that will stand out among your collection! Made out of the same plastic used for rock-climbing helmets, the Defender Series Mazarin Deck Box is the ultimate in card protection. With a strong lid closure that stays closed even in backpacks, the Mazarin Deck Box fits 130 single-sleeved cards or 110 double-sleeved cards, perfect for holding your favorite Magic the Gathering*, Pokémon*, or Yu-Gi-Oh!* cards. Plus, this box fits in Pirate Lab trays and cases.

Pirate Lab’s Defender Series Mazarin Deck Box comes in five color combinations:

  • Multicolor – a geometric rainbow of hues 
  • Morning Mist – a cheery yellow, blue, and green ombre
  • Sapphire – a mystic blue fade
  • Emerald – a serene mix of greens
  • Ruby – the bloodiest red gradient

Mazarin Deck Box Features

  • 3.125” x 4” x 3.375”
  • Holds 130 single-sleeved cards or 110 double-sleeved cards
  • ABS plastic
  • Super strong lid closure
  • Fits in Pirate Lab card cases and foam trays
  • Unique Mazarin “gem-cut” exterior texture
  • Patent pending

*Magic: The Gathering is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast. Pokemon is a trademark of Nintendo of America. Yu-Gi-Oh! is a trademark of Konami.  Pirate Lab is not affiliated or associated with Magic: The Gathering, Nintendo of America, Konami, or their respective products in any way.

Additional information

Weight0.48 lbs
Dimensions5 × 3.5 × 3.5 in

Emerald, Morning Mist, Multi-Color, Ruby, Sapphire

6 reviews for Defender Series Mazarin Deck Box

  1. Charles D.

    The deck boxes look great and hold up well.

  2. Steve S.

    Excellent protection for my precious cards and fits even a double-sleeved EDH deck. Love the colors and the unique texture, too!

  3. Matthew S.

    Fits my EDH deck with the sealable dragon shield perfect fits

  4. Luke M.

    good stuff

  5. Jonathan K.

    Pirate lab deck boxes are awesome. The waxy feel is great. The textured sides make them unique and they are sturdy as anything else available.

  6. Cory M.

    Tl;dr: I will never get past the startlingly excellent quality of these products, I just wish they made things for the card sizes I need (Yu-Gi-Oh.)

    Full review:
    I have purchased multiple items from this company, and have consistently been impressed with their wares. As an admitted ‘research before I buy’ shopper, I spent a lot of time looking at the various brands that make things specifically for card-game enthusiasts, and frankly, I was intrigued by Pirate Labs. Their stuff looked so different from everyone else, I was really drawn to it.

    Never have I been so happy to have been curious. From the Navy Large Case to the individual deck boxes, their stuff is sturdy, built to last, but also just…gorgeously designed.

    The only gripe I have is that I wish to high heaven they had stuff designed for smaller cards; Yu-Gi-Oh cards are smaller than other TCG cards, and positively swim in the larger card cases, and I feel Pirate Lab, being such a new player in the game, has an opportunity to jump on this niche but massively growing card game and provide the needed stuff for it.

    Still, for what they do make, you’ll not find better, no matter how long you search.

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