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120-Card Deck Box

(31 customer reviews)

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Pirate Lab’s 120-Card Deck Box is crafted from sonically welded, crush-resistant polypropylene, and is a perfect fit for sleeved or unsleeved cards.

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Pirate Lab’s 120-Card Deck Box is crafted from sonically welded, crush-resistant polypropylene, and is a perfect fit for sleeved or unsleeved cards from many major collectible card games, like Magic: The Gathering*, Pokemon*, and Yu-Gi-Oh!*. This box includes one plastic divider, has overall measurements of 3.875″ x 2.875″ x 3.25″ (98x78x82 mm), and will hold 150 single-sleeved cards, or 110 double-sleeved cards.

Looking to buy your boxes in bulk? Check out our Set of 5 120-Card Deck Boxes.

120-Card Deck Box Features:

  • Available in green, blue, red, white, or black colors
  • Made from crush-resistant polypropylene
  • 3.875″ x 2.875″ x 3.25″ dimensions
  • Holds 150 single-sleeved cards or 110 double-sleeved cards

*Magic: The Gathering is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast. Pokemon is a trademark of Nintendo of America. Yu-Gi-Oh! is a trademark of Konami. ULTRA PRO is a trademark of Ultra Pro International LLC. LEGION is a trademark of Legion Supply. Pirate Lab is not affiliated or associated with Magic: The Gathering, Nintendo of America, Konami, Ultra Pro International LLC, Legion Supply, or their respective products in any way.

Additional information

Weight0.11 lbs
Dimensions4 × 3.25 × 3 in
Deck Box Colors

Black, Blue, Green, Red, White

31 reviews for 120-Card Deck Box

  1. David F.

    It’s a basic plastic deckbox, and if that’s what you want this one does a good job. Fits a double-sleeved EDH deck or two smaller decks.

  2. Kyle V.

    Fits my commander and standard decks with tokens well.

  3. James T.

    It nice, will buy more when I need them.

  4. Jaymes W.

    I ordered one of these larger deck boxes (120 cards) and a smaller one (80 card).

    They are in line in design and quality with the standard Ultra Pro deck boxes. Both sizes have a good friction fit on the lids and I think they are made from slightly thicker material than the UP boxes, but I haven’t tested to be 100% sure.

    The smaller one fit a double sleeved 60 card deck fine and the larger one fit a 100 card double sleeved deck fine. There is a nice divider and a cool Pirate Lab sticker included with each. Definitely give these a try if you have a bunch of decks that you need boxed. I’m planning to buy some more for commander decks I have laying around

  5. Thomas F.

    I am very pleased with all my Pirate Lab stuff. The boxes are great and look to be great quality. I could not beat the price either. I am very happy with my purchases and am well stocked, they fit in the messenger bag very well too. I will probably end up giving some away to people in need haha. Also Pirate Lab’s customer service is great. I am from Ohio, they are from Michigan… we make it work! O H!

  6. Todd T.

    No complaints, perfect service👍.

  7. Wombat

    really like the boxes they work fantastic for my Edh deck’s.

  8. Matthew W.

    Fits.my.double sleeved commander deck boxes perfectly!

  9. Kirk A.

    This box is great for Double Sleeved Commander decks. Our decks can get expensive and you will want to double sleeve for the best protection. This box will hold your entire DS deck. It can also hold a single sleeved EDH deck with sideboard, or two single sleeved 60 card decks.

    This box is great for keeping your cards safe and organized and of course it fits perfectly in the Pirate Lab Carrying Cases.

  10. Anonymous

    Excellent case!

  11. Allen J.

    This product is what I imagine being Justin Timberlake must be like…

  12. Chad B.

    I have been playing magic for 22 years and I have yet to have supplies that meet the quality pirate labs have reached with their products. The deck boxes are rugged plastic with easy hinges. Compared to ultra pro deck boxes of the same simple design it is hard to imagine how pirate labs managed to improve on it. The opening and closing of the box is easier and doesn’t have the feel that the lid may snap off at any time. I also purchased a large carrying case. I was a little nervous due to the price but I was not let down in the slightest. The case is rugged with ample and secure storage. I feel as though my cards could fall out of a moving car and be no worse for the wear. This case is worth every hard earned penny and then some. I suggest this case to everyone I know and even strangers at every event I attend because inevitably someone asks about it. Thanks guys and keep up the great work!!

  13. William A.

    The 10 120-card deck boxes I purchased meet the needed for my EDH decks and then some. There is plenty of space for a fully sleeved deck for me to add an assortment of token card for the deck. I am very pleased with this and look forward to seeing what new products Pirate Labs will carry in the future.

  14. David F.

    For me, the most important question was whether this could hold a double-sleeved 100-card deck. It does, and without any problems. (KMC Perfect Size inside of KMC Hyper Mattes). Seems to be about the same construction/durability as other basic plastic deck boxes.

  15. Kristian L

    A good normal solid deckbox 🙂

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