Pluck Foam for Miniatures

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Pirate Lab’s Pluck Foam for Miniatures is an easy way and customizable way to protect your miniature or figurines collection.

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Pirate Lab’s Pluck Foam for Miniatures is an easy way to protect your miniature or figurines collection. Our pluck foam is available in 2″ and 4″ depths in both half-size (7.75″ x 12″) and full-size (15.5″ x 12″) trays.

Pluck Foam trays are designed to be fully customizable to store any oddly-shaped or large miniatures figures. Just pinch and remove the foam pieces to fit your miniatures, and it’s ready to use. The pluckable pieces are 15 mm wide and run the full depth of the tray – and under them, you’ll find a 0.2″ (5mm) layer of dense XPE foam that serves as a protective bottom panel. Plus, it fits in our line of miniatures cases.

This tray will fit inside cases that are designed for the following trays: Battlefoam P.A.C.K. 1520 XL Molle, P.A.C.K. 216, P.A.C.K. 432 Molle, P.A.C.K. 720 Molle, P.A.C.K. Air, P.A.C.K. Go, P.A.C.K. 216, or P.A.C.K. Plus.

The tray will not fit inside cases that are designed for the following trays:  Sabol Designs, KR Multicase, Feldherr, Portable Warfare, Battlefoam P.A.C.K. Mini, P.A.C.K. C4, or P.A.C.K. Max.

Miniatures Pluck Foam Features:

  • Full-size and half-size depths
  • 2″ and 4″ depths
  • Compatible with our line of Miniatures Cases
  • 15mm pluckable pieces for easy protection 
  • Dense layer of protective foam on the bottom

Additional information

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Foam Tray Depths

2", 4"

Foam Tray Sizes

Full-Size, Half-Size

15 reviews for Pluck Foam for Miniatures

  1. Curtis N.

    I bought this foam to hold some vocal mics. It works great!

  2. John B.

    Was pleasantly surprised at the quality, craftsmanship, and artistic attention given to this product. Hands down will order again!

  3. Gregory A.

    Great product and fast delivery

  4. Stephen V.

    Delivery is always quick and the foam is fantastic!

  5. Hiroko H.

    Great case for miniatures. I love that you can choose your own foam inserts, and they are the perfect size. Definately better than some of the other choices out there. Thank you Pirate Lab!

  6. JENO

    So freaking impressed with the quality I got for these rock bottom prices! Big fan now and recommend this foam to anyone who wants to protect their WH40K models!
    Awesome foam that cradles my beloved miniatures with the same love that a mother cradles her newborn infant- aawwwww

  7. Stephen V.

    The quality of the foam is just as good as Battlefoam and delivery is fast and cheap! Wish they offered 1″ and 3″ widths. If they did, i would never buy foam from anyone else.

  8. Nathan K.

    The foam works great. I bought a variety of sizes and will definitely buy more from Pirate Lab

  9. Jason L.

    Great product, price, and shipping. Can’t wait to order again.

  10. Stephen J.

    I was very pleased with the quality of the foam. The footprint makes it fit perfectly inside of my PACK bag. I just wish they had a greater selection of heights to choose from. I’ll definitely be looking at PirateLab the next time I need to purchase foam!

  11. Erick A.

    Great product, I will say make sure you have an idea of what you want to use the Pull foam for before you purchase. I bought mine for Star Wars X-Wing and most of the ships are very small that probably would have worked best with just a tray, but that’s my fault for not realizing. But the pull foam works great for the larger ships. Just means I need to pay a couple of trays!

  12. Roy h.

    Much nicer than the Battlefoam foam trays and fits the case perfectly. The foam feels denser and holds the models much better. Now they need to make foam to fit my KR multicase card cases.

  13. Robert G.

    I was very happy to find 4 inch pluck foam in a variety of sizes. 4 inch is a bit rare. Arrived quickly in good shape with good tracking.

  14. Gregory E.

    Great product!!!

  15. James S.

    The quality was great and you’ve certainly made a customer out of me. The two 2inch foam trays were wonderful. However, the one 4inch foam i bought, half of it wasn’t cut and i had to use an xacto blade to attempt to cut some blocks out. I was a little disappointed.

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