Snip Foam for Miniatures

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PirateLab’s Miniatures Snip Foam is an easy way to protect your miniature or figurines collection. Protect your miniatures with our snip foam.

  • 2"
  • 4"
  • Full-Size
  • Half-Size
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PirateLab’s Snip Foam for Miniatures is an easy way to protect your miniature or figurines collection. Our snip foam is available in 2″ and 4″ depths in both half-size (7.75″ x 12″) and full-size (15.5″ x 12″) trays. These trays are designed to be cut to specific heights as well as specific depths for the most secure hold possible for those hard-to-contain miniatures – cradle your figures in perfectly-sized compartments by cutting your foam to the exact depth to secure small parts and appendages. The walls are spaced 15 mm apart and won’t move –  because they’re glued in place, you’ll have no more worries about figures spilling between compartments. Pirate Lab’s innovative new foam gives you ultimate flexibility when designing a carrying system for your army. Plus, it fits in all of our miniatures cases.

Check out our instructional video below for tips on how to optimize your snip foam:

This tray will fit inside cases that are designed for the following trays: Battlefoam P.A.C.K. 1520 XL Molle, P.A.C.K. 216, P.A.C.K. 432 Molle, P.A.C.K. 720 Molle, P.A.C.K. Air, P.A.C.K. Go, P.A.C.K. 216, or P.A.C.K. Plus.

This tray will not fit inside cases that are designed for the following trays:  Sabol Designs, KR Multicase, Feldherr, Portable Warfare, Battlefoam P.A.C.K. Mini, P.A.C.K. C4, or P.A.C.K. Max.

Snip Foam for Miniatures Features:

  • Full-size and half-size depths
  • 2″ and 4″ depths
  • Compatible with our line of Miniatures Cases
  • Glued walls for maximum security

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Foam Tray Depths

2", 4"

Foam Tray Sizes

Full-Size, Half-Size, Half-Size (Blue Foam)

25 reviews for Snip Foam for Miniatures

  1. Jeramiah G.

    Got the foam, its nice and soft and secures the models. The snip foam was easy to use.

  2. Cara K.

    I love it

  3. Adam M.

    Great for all my miniature needs. Highly recommended

  4. Joey O.

    Just what I was looking for.

  5. You C.

    Out of everything that I ordered these were the most useful.

  6. Shane H.

    Tears are starting to developing all along the foam trays where the miniatures are inserted. The foam needs to be more durable to survive the constant loading and unloading. Once the phone is snipped the figures are held securely. I would recommend not removing the entire cross-section of foam one cutting it out leaving little bit on each side to properly secure the miniature. If pirate lab can figure out a way to strengthen the foam to protect against tearing this would be a perfect product.

  7. Shawn O.

    While I’ve found another brand’s laser cut foam to be hand, it is always difficult to know what size and what shape you need to order to get the exact product you need. With the snip foam, you don’t need to. You just cut away enough foam until you find what you need, so you model sits nice and snug. It may get a bit of a trial and error to get the absolute most precise cut you need, for the best fit, but even if you mess up some, the model still holds real good. Also, I have been assured by Pirate Lab that, so long as I don’t cut through the bottom of a tray, cutting to the bottom will still ensure the integrity of the foam. The only thing we need is more varieties and sizes of snip foam to suit individual gamers. Once that’s achieved, I’d gladly give the product five stars.

  8. Edward M.

    It’s nice but I’d rather have pluck foam. Quality is good.

  9. Daniel G.

    Like the concept of the pluck foam and it works well. Would like 3″ snip foam options.

  10. Sean M.

    The foam is exactly what you would expect. Good quality, cuts easily enough but holds my minis quite snug so they do not fall out of the foam tray.

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